Ministry IDs - Brothers

Ministry IDs - Brothers


To work in the Ministry, you'll need an ID! Luckily, I've borrowed a few. You should be able to almost anything with this set! Train with the nuns, tour the mailroom, or just take over the deacon's office! The possibilities are endless!

šŸ¦‹ Sprout's ID
šŸ° Oz's ID
šŸ’œ Damien's ID
šŸ¦æ Rogo's ID
šŸ•·ļø The Clerk's (fake??) ID

Printed on genuine cardstock (the real military experience), With glossy character portraits. Each Id will have unique stamp imprints.

āœž Set of 5 Prop Id's
āœž Cardstock with Glossy portraits
āœž 3.5" - 2"
āœž Ministry Approved!

Ministry IDs - Brothers Image 2
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